The One-Armed Cookbook book cover
Nothing can prepare you for what it is like to leave your baby at the end of every day and wonder what the next day holds ...

About The One-Armed Cookbook

Raising money for premature babies

The One-Armed Cookbook is a collection of easy and delicious recipes from celebrities, mums, dads, friends and family - specifically chosen for busy people wanting to create tasty food on the run. All proceeds will be donated to helping Australia's premature babies have the best start possible in life.

The Cookbook was created by a cooperative of busy Brisbane mothers who meet regularly as part of an informal mothers' group and all share a passion for good food, family and friendship. Many of the mothers in the group were blessed to have had incredible pregnancies and very healthy births at full term. However, a number of the mothers had a more challenging time and gave birth prematurely, with some babies weighing just over 1kg (less than 3lb) and spending the first two months of their lives in hospital. These experiences, combined with the hectic life of a new mother always looking for something quick and tasty to create for a meal, inspired the creation of this Cookbook to help raise funds for the hospital that helped give life to these special babies.

It is with great pleasure that we donate the money raised from the inaugural edition of The One-Armed Cookbook to Australia's largest Perinatal Research Centre at the Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital. It is here that research is conducted to help premature and seriously ill babies and at the same time help women become mothers of healthy babies. The Perinatal Research Centre benefits babies and mothers throughout Australia, as well as internationally, and also directly treats 1,500 premature or seriously ill babies each year.

We hope that you enjoy the Cookbook as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. We are already working on the 2008 edition! If your organisation would like to support us, or if you have a 'have-to-share' recipe, please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing [email protected]